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AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Battery – Pack of 8

Amazon product: AmazonBasics 9 Volt Everyday Alkaline Battery – Pack of 8
Customer Reviews:
Before purchasing these batteries I thought All 9V batteries were identical … Now I know they’re not. | For the most part these AmazonBasics 9 Volt Batteries work great and for the price are an excellent value but there not for everyone and should be used and purchased with caution. | The main problem with these AmazonBasics 9V batteries is they are Slightly Larger than most other 9V batteries and the battery posts or terminals on the top of the AmazonBasics 9V are slightly shorter or protrude less than other name brand 9 volt batteries. | The AmazonBasics 9V batteries work well in my multimeter, wireless motion sensor, tone probe and tone generator however they don’t fit or work with my wireless microphone, mixer, guitar tuner or CO2 detector. | I was intrigued by the slight difference in size between regular 9V batteries and the AmazonBasics brand so I took out my callipers and measured an AmazonBasics 9V and a Duracell 9V and here are the results | Length: 0.59mm Longer | When measuring the length of the battery from the top of the positive terminal to the bottom of the battery the AmazonBasics 9V battery is 0.59mm longer than a 9V Duracell battery. | Thickness: 0.53mm Thicker | When measuring the thickness the AmazonBasics battery was 0.53mm thicker than a 9V Duracell battery. | Terminal Height: 0.45mm Lower | When measuring the height or protrusion of the terminals on the AmazonBasics 9V battery compared to the Duracell it was visually evident that the terminals on the AmazonBasics 9V are lower and when measuring with callipers it turns out they indeed protrude out 0.45mm less than a 9V Duracell battery. | After measuring the two batteries I now understand why the AmazonBasics 9V batteries will not work in some of my devices. The AmazonBasics 9V battery is too big to fit into the housing of my CO2 detector and guitar tuner. | While the AmazonBasics 9V battery fits into the compartment of my cordless mic and microphone mixer the terminal posts are too short to make contact and therefore won’t power up these devices. | So What’s the Verdict? There’s no denying these AmazonBasics Batteries are a fantastic deal and if you’re a Prime Member you get an additional 20% off bringing the cost per battery down to $1.37 each, compared to $3.24 each for Duracell 9V’s. | For my uses, I find the AmazonBasics batteries last about 70% as long as the Duracell’s so when your factor in price and performance the AmazonBasics 9 Volts are a good value as long as they will fit and work in your device … and that my friends is the magic question. | The bottom line – I will continue to purchase and use AmazonBasics 9V batteries for the devices they will work in and | Unfortunately I will still have to use the more costly name brand batteries for the devices they won’t fit.