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Historical low is $109, this is the waterproof version. If you’re not interested in that, the regular Kindle is also on sale.

Amazon product: Kindle Paperwhite – Now Waterproof with 2x the Storage
Customer Reviews:
The short of my review is to say that this new Kindle PaperWhite is the best yet. | Bluetooth – Yes. The Canadian version has bluetooth. There is a lot of confusion about the bluetooth capability because of the lack of Canadian Audible support. If you want to verify that the Kindle has bluetooth just follow the directions to pair the Kindle with a bluetooth device for VoiceView (the integrated text to speech reader). It works. | Audible – Presently there is no support for Canadian audible accounts (.ca). If you have a US Audible account (.com) then you’ll be able to use Audible without issue. You can change the region of your Audible account (.ca to .com) if this is a make or break feature for you. It is relatively painless but there are a couple of gives and takes regarding selection and pricing to consider. This hack is far more mature among Oasis users so searching this topic in the context of that device should provide some interesting reading for those interested. | Kindle Unlimited – Available and fully functional on Canadian devices. 9.99$ + Taxes presently with 1 million + titles available. If you are a real bookworm you’ll recuperate the cost of your Kindle quickly. | Prime Reading – Prime membership holders get access to Prime Reading. This is not Kindle-specific as you can read from any device but the library is quite robust and features everything from best sellers to comics. The selection is rotated regularly so there is always fresh content. | Library borrowing – Most users will find that Kindle app system and Libby/OverDrive are not compatible with borrowing from Canadian Libraries. If you adopt a US address/Account for your Kindle borrowing from libraries is not an issue. | Screen – Very low glare matte finish strongly resembles print depending on your backlight level. There are some comments and concerns about contrast but as an electronic device this is completely customizable. Text size and boldness can be adjusted to suit you taste. Font, spacing and margins are among other user-configurable parameters. The reconfigured backlights on this model make it the most evenly lit PaperWhite to date. The 300 PPI screen is unchanged from the previous version but is more than adequate for crisp, contrasty lettering. There are some comments about fingerprints and while they are visible at certain angles when the device is off I have yet to notice them while reading. | Wakeup – Some users have noticed that this Kindle wakes up slower than previous models. This is because the unit goes into a deeper sleep state than previous models to conserve battery. You can disable this feature in SETTINGS – DEVICE OPTIONS – ADVANCED OPTIONS – POWER SAVER. | As for the rest this Kindle is very fast. This is the first Kindle I’ve used with Page Refresh on where I don’t really notice any lag or flicker when moving through pages. Base model memory is more than adequate for the average user who does keep a lot of audio books on the device. With the power saving feature mentioned above I’m getting the best battery life of any Kindle to date. WiFi connectivity is stable and adequately fast for the tasks the device will face. WAN (4G) connectivity is fast and reliable (My spouse own the WAN model). | Does it have a flaw? Yes. I agree with other reviews about the placement of the power button. I can see this as a potential problem for some but it has not affected my use which is typically handheld without a case. Despite this design issue I still give my highest recommendation for this device.