[Amazon.ca] [Amazon.ca] Short 1ft extension cords, 10pk $21.66

//[Amazon.ca] [Amazon.ca] Short 1ft extension cords, 10pk $21.66

[Amazon.ca] [Amazon.ca] Short 1ft extension cords, 10pk $21.66



1ft extension cords, 10 pack from Etekcity, $21.66 close to the all time low.
75% claimed, it jumped from 60-75% while I wrote this.
Listed as UL-certified. Please, let’s not re-discuss this vs Canadian-UL certified, etc. See the previous RFD thread link.
These are useful on surge protector power bars so large power bricks don’t block off outlets.

If you missed the deal, these are usually $29.99. Sometimes it’ll be $29.99 with a $5 off coupon which isn’t too bad.

https://www.amazon.ca/Etekcity-10-Power … TEPQY6M6AE
  • New Upgraded with Highly Durable: 16 AWG (13A) extension cords with thicker wire diameters, which can handle more amperage and thus more wattage, less chance of getting hot, is safer and more reliable compared with the thinner 18 AWG (10A) ones. Withstands sun exposure and resistant to moisture and abrasion. Designed to withstand a lifetime of wear and tear and ideal for households with pets and small children
  • 3 Prong Connections: Say goodbye to wasted outlet space. These extension cords are ideal for office spaces or home settings with frequently used computers, monitors, scanners, printers, TVs and any other devices that uses the 3-pin male-to-female shroud power connector
  • Simple Extension: Expand the reach of plugs and cords that are short for direct use by linking the extension cables one foot at a time, indoor use
  • Hassle-Free: Never deal with tangles and coils with extension cables that are too long. Get the extension cord you need, no more, no less. Eliminate the issue of large, bulky plugs and maximize the use of your power strips and wall outlets.
  • UL Certified: Cord 3X16 AWG Rating 125V / 13A. Bundled in a pack of 10 with guaranteed quality and satisfaction. 2-year after scales service and lifetime support provided by Etekcity
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Amazon product: Power Extension Cord Short Cable, Etekcity Heavy Duty Outlet Saver Extender Cord, 3 Prong, 16AWG-13A, UL Listed (10 Pack, 1 Foot)
Customer Reviews:
Good quality build, works as intended EXCEPT!!! – Please note that this poster advertises the ability to plug these extensions one into another to create a longer extension cord. The safety labels on the cords themselves warn against this stating that it could be a fire hazard. Be aware, if you plan on doing this, you will be contradicting the safety warnings that come with the product. Not sure why they advertise this a possibility. They should probably remove that image from the poster. Aside from that, I managed to clean up my power bar behind my computer quite a bit, even freed up some outlets that were initially covered by the large power blocks plugged into it. I recommend this product for this particular use.


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