From add on camera to 5 camera complete system all at historic low pricing now. Maybe Blink is coming out with a new indoor cam?

Amazon product: Add-on Blink Indoor Home Security Camera for Existing Blink Customer Systems
Customer Reviews:
I like these cameras because they are compact, give a nice clear picture, and the batteries hold up well. The app is also one of the best I’ve ever used and gives you superior control when the cameras work. Problem is, they are not reliable. When I’m away, or even at home, they constantly fail when trying to view thumbnail or live video clips forcing me to rely on my back up wired d-link cameras. Yet for some odd reason, if I arm the Blinks, they will detect and record motion. So odd! | Update: After reaching out to Blink, turns out the problem was on my end. My secondary Google Router automatically switched my module from 2.4ghz to 5.0ghz, resulting in camera failure. After syncing my module to my primary router securing it to the 2.4ghz band, my cameras have worked flawlessly. Because of the cameras working so well, and the EXCELLENT service from Blink, i’m updating my rating from 3 to 5 stars.