Hi guys, I just need some SSD, so randomly searched around, was initially looking for a 240/256 for system drive, then found this. $59.99 for 480GB, it is again the history low according to CCC.

I know this is QLC Nano, not the ideal long life SSD.
No DRAM on this SSD, so it would not be the best for OS. :X

For this price and recent Amazon GC promotion, I think this is probably the budget solution prior to BF.

Amazon product: ADATA Ultimate SU635 3D NAND SATA III 2.5 Inch Internal SSD (480GB)
Customer Reviews:
Purchase date: Aug 28, 2019, update May 7th 2020, still going strong. | As a media / program / storage drive this is awesome. | This plus a USB3-to-SATA3 connector gives me backup performance that rivals DROBO-5D3. | People have asked whether it has a DRAM cache – no it only has pseudo-SLC cache, but unless you are running a database server on it, you won’t notice the difference. | If your system is low on RAM, don’t use an SSD for your swap file. it will prematurely wear out your drive, leading to data loss and replacing a drive that probably cost more than the RAM you should have bought.