I might be biased but I really like Little Giant ladders.

This one weights under 10 pounds, feels sturdy ( I own the 6ft version) and can be stored or carried very easily.

Lowest price on CCC.

Amazon product: Flip-N-Lite 300-Pound Duty Rating Platform Stepladder, 4-Foot
Customer Reviews:
My gf wanted me to replace all 60 pot lights in my new house with better bulbs. We have 9 foot ceilings and I’m afraid of heights so I needed a tall and sturdy home ladder. Nailed it on the first purchase. This ladder is awesome. It weighs next to nothing, folds up easy, and is extremely well spaced and sturdy when deployed. You can grip the top railing when standing on it and the steps are wide and easy to stand on. It weights next to nothing. There’s also a groove on the top railing where you rest tools etc. A fantastic ladder to have around the house and tall enough to comfortably reach 9′ ceilings and more.