[Amazon.ca] 7” Vegetable Cleaver $26 ($60 – $34 coupon)

//[Amazon.ca] 7” Vegetable Cleaver $26 ($60 – $34 coupon)

[Amazon.ca] 7” Vegetable Cleaver $26 ($60 – $34 coupon)

$34 off


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Amazon product: Cleaver Knife-7 Inch Chinese Chef Knife-Nakiri Knife-German Stainless Steel-Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle-Multipurpose Cleaver for Vegetable and Meat-Keemake
Customer Reviews:
I have been excited to pickup a Nakiri Knife for a while now, and I am not disappointed. The knife came super sharp and when gripped has a good balance to the blade allowing you to avoid any horizontal movement when chopping. I have been careful to properly wash and dry the knife after every use, and so far it still looks and slices like new. The handle of the knife is made out of wood and looks beautiful, the wood and steel seamlessly joins together. If you wanted to give the knife as a gift, it comes presented well in a nice gift box which also double as a good storage box.


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