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It’s that time of year again. This mouse is an absolute beast for workflow if you need to press a lot of hotkeys.

Here are some things I can say about this product:
-RGB lighting for side buttons
-12 keys for the thumb are curved in such a way that you know exactly which button you are pressing.
-More versatile than competitors because of the “g-shift” key beside right click button (Search more about this, basically it doubles up your space for macro/key assignments)
-Software is pretty intuitive for setting up keys (backup, import, export options are available)

Imagine you are in excel, and have to add rows ALL the time, you can assign a macro to thumb key 1 to do a “1 click to add a row”.
With all that saved time, you can go on rfd even more.

Amazon product: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse, Black (910-002864)
Customer Reviews:
Ok, So… This mouse is great but has some down sides I will just do pros and cons. | PROS: | 1. Over 20 programmable buttons | 2. Adjustable DPI | 3. G-Setting is wicked. | 4. Light weight | CONS: | 1. When you push a macro button there is no indication if the macro is active or not.. (This should be able to be set with the lighting effects but isnt possible.) | 2. The thumb buttons are very sensitive so its very easy to accidentally push one of them.. the bad thing about this is if you have multiple macros set to multiple buttons it can be EXTREMELY difficult to see what button is active to turn the macro off. (basically related to issue #1) | 3. The mouse is Ergonomic but that being said because of its size it can become slightly uncomfortable after time. | Other then the 3 small issues its a great gaming mouse.