These fit some of the 2×2 framed cages that people might have picked up like the Fitness Reality rack. “If you own the Fitness Reality 810XLT squat rack, just know that these fit PERFECTLY on the rack.”

These have the padding vertical and horizontal. They are also slightly larger than the ones that came with my rack (I don’t like the weld on the vertical portion that is scraping up my bar ( … rts&sr=1-1 ) had stock is more expensive than now that stock is in.

I’ll prob grab the 2 sets of the plate holders from Yes4All off (when stock arrives): … 0DER&psc=1

Amazon product: Yes4All Set of 2 Steel J-Hooks for Power Rack – Fit Most 2″ x 2″ Sq. Tube & Easy to Install
Customer Reviews:
Fits on my 2×2 (Fitness Reality 810XLT) rack with 1″ holes. These feel good and solid, stay in place. The welds look good and clean. They are coated in thick paint. Have a rubber pad for protecting bar gnarling. I also own the Yes4All saftey arms for my rack too. Very happy with both.