[Amazon.ca] 24 pack jello – $12.40

//[Amazon.ca] 24 pack jello – $12.40

[Amazon.ca] 24 pack jello – $12.40



Seems like a good deal. Only strawberry seems discounted.

Amazon product: Jell-O Jelly Powder, Strawberry, 85g (Pack of 24)
Customer Reviews:
For some reason finding grape jello in my area is impossible! They are always sold out. So, how excited was I when I found it on amazon. I’m having stomach issues and all I can keep down is juice and jello. When it is the only thing you can eat, you want your favorite flavor. And with the way that the stores are operating now, my husband isn’t going to three or four stores to find my flavors. The grape flavor is the best and it actually is more filling than some of the other flavors. | The price is good. Yes, you might be able to find it cheaper at some stores, but I have also found it much more expensive. I’m talking thirty cents more expensive a box. Delivery was quick – the next day with prime membership.


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