Not for everyone.

It was posted here before and went out of stock now it’s back in stock. Something for the “kids” to get excited about for the upcoming season of the Mandalorian!

Star Wars The Child Plush 11″ … IFbPQEGR6W

Amazon product: Star Wars The Child Plush 11″
Customer Reviews:
No, I did not buy this for my kid. I am a grown 32 years old man, I eat steaks, chicken wings, and lift heavy weights…but my heart melted like everyone else the first time I saw baby yoda in the Mandalorian. | Anyway here I am, with this doll. It’s been sitting on my desk, watching my every move and sometimes using the force to choke unwanted phone calls (working from home). I still can’t tell if there is a camera installed by the FBI in those big, adorable, bubbly eyes, but hey, I’ll take my chances. On a product quality note, it’s hard to believe that I got something of that quality for only 40$ (I’m seeing it’s down to 29,00$ now, just grab it people). | My girlfriend thinks I’m a little kid, but what the hell does she know about raising a child anyway? | If you’re thinking about having kids, think twice; you could get this mute son instead. Plus, no schools fees, no diapers, and no sleep deprivation. When he grows up, I’m hoping we can do some hiking in the marshes so that he can teach me the Force and lift spaceships in the air.