Noticed this on sale while looking for some cleaning supplies for my car this upcoming season. Pack of 6. … TZFD5YDCHS

Amazon product: Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel, Gold (16″ x 24″) (Pack Of 6)
Customer Reviews:
Short review: Great product, well packaged and a decent price, but make sure you rip off the paper tag. | Detailed review: in my first picture, from left to right: blue is a very cheap standard microfiber, green is a better quality standard microfiber I got when I worked at a dealership, dark blue is the Sinland ultra thick 720gsm microfiber, the purple is the Sinland 380gsm microfiber (not that great), red is the Chemical Guys Fluffer Miracle Supra microfiber from the shine and protection kit, and yellow is of course this product. | The Micracle Supra is nearly identical to this product, but for some reason I prefer the yellow since you can easily see if any dirt was picked up. The yellow chemical guys is half the thickness of the 720gsm Sinland, which im okay with because the Sinland is smaler dimensions and can sometimes be hard to fit in your hand comfortably. | A good part of this product is that its packaged in bags, secure from dust and dirt unlike ones you’d find at canadian tire, they are also in packs of 3 so if you don’t immediately need all 6 you can open a pack of 3 and leave the others sealed in their bag.