I have no idea about the monitor itself. But to me, the brand is OK, price is good, parameters are OK, and IPS is a plus.

The only con is in stock Oct 26th .

Amazon product: Philips 276E9QDSB 27″ Frameless Monitor, Full HD IPS, 124% sRGB, FreeSync 75Hz, VESA, 4Yr Advance Replacement Warranty
Customer Reviews:
The product was great and it has a nice stand. | I would suggest that the power button is a bit annoying being positioned at the back in the middle of the rear of the monitor which unless was in a good spot to let your hand go up behind the monitor to turn on/off the monitor could be annoying for some. For this reason, for a small child this could be a + or – aspect, + if you want to control on/off and the child is not aware of location of button, – aspect if you have a disabled intellectually impaired child who really needs help just to turn on/off the monitor, they basically will struggle with this concept. Its not on the front of the monitor somewhere you can see/access so its not at all intuitive or for the disabled. So beware.