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Amazon product: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim – Playstation 4
Customer Reviews:
Honestly this game is really good. It takes advantage of being a game in letting every character be the main character of their own story. They are all interacting in different ways and playing supporting roles at the same time. It is honestly a lot of fun going from one character to another. You start out with certain views of what they are like and who they are only to see them grow and change through the story. You just can’t get this kind of experience in a book or movie as easily. | It is a very good looking game. They did a fantastic job making the backgrounds look good and the characters look sharp. You are a bit limited in where you can go and who you can talk with. But that rarely feels like an issue as far as I’m concerned. | Probably a good thing the story forces you to go down different character routes so you don’t just focus on one character. You even have to do some fighting for some of them. The action isn’t anything special in the battle portion. Pretty simple stuff. But that’s fine since the narrative itself is so good. | Easily one of my favorite games of this year. Definitely worth checking out to see if you are interested.