$25 off
August 12, 2020
Agro Roasters (coffee)


This is basically the SupportLocalBC deal ( support-local-bc-purchase-50-more-any-p … f-2394304/ ) but I wanted to create a separate thread specifically for one of the participating businesses: Agro Roasters. The whole bean coffee at is already cheaper than most fancy roasters so an additional $25 off makes this pretty hot in my opinion.

Today is the last day of the SupportLocalBC promo.

1) Go to
2) Purchase a $50 (or more) gift certificate. Use promocode VANCITYLOCALBIZ during checkout to get $25 off.
3) You will get an email from immediately with a “Gift Certificate – Order ###”. This is not your gift certificate.
4) Shortly after (the next day based on my experience), you will get an email from Agro Roasters with your store credit (e.g. $50 or however much your purchased) that you can use on . The store credit I received has an expiry date of August 2022.
5) Place your order on using your store credit. Make sure you use the same email that you used in Step 2 or else it won’t let you complete the order.

An example of what you can purchase:
– 2lbs of their Roasters Choice (Guji Ethiopian) is $32.
– 340g of their Kenyan is $18
That’s $50. Free shipping for orders over $40. So you would be paying $25 for the above. That’s a good deal for quality single origin beans. They also have some beans that are cheaper but you might need to do some math if you want to maximize your savings (e.g. your order may be more than your store credit).

I’ve only tried their lighter roasts because that’s what I like (Aeropress and v60) and they’re at least on-par with other snobby roasters that I like (e.g. 49 Parallel, Pallet, Phil & Sebastian, JJBean selects, etc.).