Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoes – $128

//Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoes – $128

Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoes – $128



So I’ve been waiting for a while for these shoes to go on sale but after months of waiting and needing a new pair of clipless cycling shoes I decided to buy this at full price.

These shoes as indicated, are excluded from all promo codes and coupons. However when I bought the shoes, I was immediately upgraded to adiclub member level 2, which gave me a 20% off coupon on any order. I then tried using it on the shoes and noticed it worked, so I cancelled my previous order, and re-bought with the coupon.

The shoes ended up being $144.64 after tax. With 2% Rakuten / 4% GCR currently.

Not sure if it’s a hot deal, but for a newly released shoe, only sold on Adidas in Canada currently, and that has been excluded from all promos since its release, this is probably the best price to get it at if you’ve been considering it.


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