50% off Fireworks for Canada Day!

//50% off Fireworks for Canada Day!

50% off Fireworks for Canada Day!

50% off
July 1, 2022
Supernova Fireworks


I buy about $900-1000 of fireworks each year for some annual parties I throw (Victoria Day, Canada Day, New Years). Last year my deal searching led me to Supernova Fireworks out of Peterborough (they ship from their warehouse everywhere) and again this year they had the best prices. In addition they opened their first pop-up shop in Ottawa (and they have a bunch all over Ontario) which may be better for some people (retail shops are 40% off MSRP vs 50% off online, but you need to pay shipping for orders under $350).

If you need a real small # of fireworks, and are willing to drive around a bit, Kaboom Fireworks which I use to buy kits from have a $30 coupon on Groupon for $13. You can stack that with daily codes that take an additional 20-25% off code which at 25% off brings the price to $9.75 for $30 of fireworks, although I dont know how bad their instore regular prices will be to compensate. This is limited to 1 per person, but you can buy 2 as gifts and drive around to 3 locations and buy $30 each place. Which might save you money depending on time and gas needed to get to a few locations.

I’ve done a bit of shopping around, I’ve even called some of the manufacturing companies to try and buy direct. All the major players have some super 50%-60% off items or buy 1-get-1-free but I don’t want to shoot 2 of the same cakes, and I like a variety of stuff to make a interesting show, not limiting to the few doorcrasher items they are selling at steep discount. I wasnt able to find anyone other than Supernova selling 50% off box sets of cakes, or a place where I could get the variety of stuff I wanted that would match or beat the straight 50% off everything.

Hope this helps any fellow pyromaniacs with getting some extra fireworks to shoot this Canada Day! Woo hoo!


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