50% off Backblaze subscription

//50% off Backblaze subscription

50% off Backblaze subscription

50% Off
November 29, 2021


Received a discount code for 50% off Backblaze for new customers. blazeon21 Code looks generic so should work for anyone signing up (if new). So I believe the $70 1st year would drop to $35. I know they have some addons like extending the duration of their online backup if not connected for longer than 2 weeks or something like that, but not sure if the coupon works for that too. If anyone knows or tries it, put it here.

Here’s details from their email:

“Now through November 29th at 11 p.m. Pacific Time, you can get 50% off at checkout when you buy Backblaze Computer Backup by using the discount code: blazeon21

A quick refresher on what we do: Backblaze is an unlimited, unthrottled computer backup service for your Mac and PC. Best of all, you never have to worry about losing access to your backed up data because it’s available on our website or on the go through our iOS and Android apps.

Please note that this offer is limited to new Computer Backup customers that have not yet purchased a Computer Backup license.”

edit: Oh, also noticed they have 2yr plans, so maybe that’s a better deal to some people. I don’t think they offer anything longer than the 2yr for now.


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